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Cheshire - Early Intervention and Prevention Services

These services will be aimed at identifying people at risk to halt or slow down any deterioration. Interventions will include identifying individuals at risk of specific health conditions or events or those who have existing low level social care needs. This includes support for people who have long term conditions and unpaid Carers. These services will be targeted at those in need as well as referred through existing referral mechanisms. It is expected that services delivering the identified services will also provide services for self-funders. 

  • Services for people with mental health problems 
  • Services for people with learning disabilities 
  • Services for people with sensory impairments 
  • Services that support people with dementia and their Carers
  • Falls prevention activities 
  • Services for people with long term progressive physical disabilities including neuromuscular conditions. 

These services will be aimed at minimising disability or deterioration from established health conditions or complex social care needs. The focus here is on maximising people's functioning and independence through interventions such as rehabilitation/enablement services. There will be particular focus on commissioning services that support hospital discharge.

Services that support hospital discharge

Services for people who have an acquired medical condition that affect physical disability e.g Stroke

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