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Tower Hamlets - Combined Young People Services - Sexual Health and Substance Misuse

The Council require the services of an organisation or group of organisations to provide a comprehensive integrated health and wellbeing service for young people aged 10-19 (and particularly vulnerable young people aged 19-25 years old) in Tower Hamlets. The key objectives of the service are to:

  • Promote health and wellbeing through health promotion, education and, where appropriate, treatment for sexual ill health and substance misuse;
  • Provide a welcoming, accessible service with a clear culture of ongoing enquiry and challenge to 'normalised' harmful practices;
  • Provide brief interventions for young people engaging in behaviours that may become harmful to their health and wellbeing;
  • Identify and deliver targeted education and early intervention programmes to groups/individuals at risk;
  • Provide advice and information for young people and their parents/carers on exploratory risky behaviours including sexual health and substance misuse;
  • Ensure services are acceptable and accessible to people disproportionately affected by unintended pregnancy, sexual ill health and harms associated with substance misuse based on up to date needs assessment;
  • Enable those young people who are unable to stop using drugs to stabilise their drug use and minimise harm;
  • Provide testing and treatment programmes for children and young people that address sexual health and/or substance misuse needs (alcohol, drugs and tobacco);
  • Support service users' children and young people in returning to school/further education/training/employment to reduce the risk of relapse into harmful behaviours;
  • Participate in partnership working with other relevant agencies including mutually agreed reciprocal staff training where appropriate for key staff groups; 
  • Transition into adult services, this will include contributing to transitional care plan;
  • Collect demographic data relating to behaviours, referrals, utilisation of services and programmes in addition to general service activity and quality data and provide this as part of the JSNA process in the local authority area;
  • Promote self-efficacy and health literacy.

Value of contract


Published date

30 March 2017

Closing date

02 May 2017

Contract start date

01 October 2017

Contract end date

01 October 2020

Contact name

John Collins


Mulberry Place
E14 2BG
United Kingdom


+44 2073644099